My name is Cally Crabtree and I have been teaching pole dancing classes in downtown Olympia since I completed my Pole Dance Instructor Certification in  2004. I am an extroverted, sex-positive, inclusive feminist who believes that feminine sensual/sexual expression is one of the most powerful forces on the planet!

My classes and workshops are irreverent, playful, and laid back. I encourage laughter and believe it is an integral part of what makes my classes so fun and effective. Plus- being able to laugh at one's self makes it easier to persevere through the awkward stages of pole dancing and/or learning new moves.

My main objectives as your instructor are to keep you safe, encourage and support you in your pole endeavors, and create a positive, accepting, caring, and compassionate space in which you are free to let your hair down, let your guard down, explore movement and make mistakes.

Community is very important to me. We all need a diverse, healthy, caring community in order to thrive both personally and collectively. The ever-growing, constantly evolving Pole at Play community is built on a foundation of compassion, friendship, camaraderie, and personal growth.  I strive to make sure every one of my students know that they are a part of the community from the moment they step into the studio.  


About Your Instructor

What is "Exotic Pole Dancing"?


There are currently  three main styles of pole dance— Pole Sport (or Pole Fitness), Artistic Pole, and Exotic Pole Dance (AKA Stripper Style or Traditional).


We have found exotic pole dancing, and the sensual expression that defines it, to be uniquely therapeutic and beneficial. Although every style is represented to some degree in our moves, exercises, techniques and lessons, Pole at Play's style is predominantly exotic. 


Exotic Pole Dancing focuses heavily on fluidity, sensuality, & hyper-feminine movements. Sinuous serpentines seamlessly transition into slow, deliberate hip movements, creating curvy silhouettes periodically interrupted by attention demanding heel clacks. The moves range from flirty & coy to fierce and assertive, slow & graceful to suggestive & raunchy. 

Exotic pole dancing helps build strength, flexibility, improves coordination and increases body awareness. In order to confidently linger in the overt sensuality inherent in many of exotic pole dance moves, students must overcome self-consciousness and connect with their sensual selves. As students discover the strength and the power in this form of expression & begin to challenge their preconceived notions about femininity, sexuality, and vulnerability, they also begin to experience the most profound benefits Exotic Pole Dancing has to offer-- increased self confidence, self acceptance, and a healthier body image. This is true for all students, regardless of gender identity. 

Exotic pole dance students are welcome (encouraged) to wear “stripper heels” as many of the moves make use of them with clacks, pivots, slides and leggy silhouettes. However, your safety and comfort are paramount and you will always be offered modifications and alternate moves if you choose to forgo the heels, opting to dance barefoot instead. For more info on what to wear to your exotic pole dance class, click on the link below...

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Pole at Play

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