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Check out the latest news and updates affecting the Pole at Play community...

May 2021

We Moved!

On March 31st, after 20+ years at 515 State Ave NE, Pilates at Play received a Notice to Terminate Tenancy. This was entirely unexpected as we had been paying our rent on time and in full throughout the pandemic despite being forced to close for most of last year.


With only 30 days to find a new location, Pole at Play and the other businesses operating out of the Pilates at Play studio had our work cut out for us.

But when life gives you lemons....


The day after we received the notice, we found our new home on the second floor of the American Legion Hall across from Capitol Lake at 219 Legion Ave SW. It is bigger and more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for. We have 12 poles and double the space! We've renamed it Levity and we can't wait to have you see what we've done with the place! AND Octapas is located on the ground floor which means students can grab a bite to eat or a cocktail after class!

We are so grateful to Kolb Family Investments for giving us this opportunity to evolve and expand. What first seemed like a crisis, turned into a blessing. 

We have some exciting events planned for this summer, including an exotic pole dance showcase, So stay tuned... 


August 2021

New Poles

Pole at Play is beyond excited about our new nickel-free chrome finished Lupit Pro Poles!


These poles are hands down the best poles we have ever had the pleasure of dancing on (and we've danced on them all). We had each of the 12 poles upgraded to include Lupit's Quick Lock system. This allows you to switch between static and spinner mode with a simple twist of the locking ring at the base of the pole. No more hex keys!

If you would like a Lupit Pole of your very own so that you can practice at home between pole classes, Lupit has an excellent line of home poles that you can find here.


Make sure to enter coupon code poleatplay5 at checkout to recieve a 5% discount! 

December 2020

Instructor Update

Pole at Play owner and instructor, Cally Crabtree, was hit by a car on December 15th and sustained some fairly serious injuries. She is still recovering from a head injury, numerous facial fractures and is scheduled for surgery to repair a shattered orbital socket in January. Cally is expected to make a full recovery. Stay tuned...

3/1/2021 UPDATE: Cally's doctors have given her the green light to resume teaching classes! Her first class back will be on March 8th, 2021. Her class schedule will be limited while she gets reacclimated and continues to recover. She is still experiencing the symptoms of post concussive disorder (such as memory issues), but is on the mend! 

Woman with Mask

February 2021

COVID Update

WA State is allowing fitness and dance classes to resume at 25% capacity January 11th, but Pole at Play will remain closed while Cally Crabtree recovers from her accident. She is scheduled to have surgery to repair a shattered orbital socket.

We plan to reopen some time in March when WA state enters phase 3 and is able to operate at 50% capacity. 

UPDATE: Pole at Play will resume classes on Monday March 8th.

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