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Here's What Our Students Have to Say...


I have been taking Cally's classes for over four years. I have never stuck with a fitness routine for that long before, but now I can't imagine my life without these classes each week. The classes are engaging, fun, and motivating. Cally is not just a great instructor; she is a truly caring person - full of contagious energy and love. I thought I would just be learning how to dance, but I have also learned to love myself and have gained a confidence I never had before. I can't recommend these classes enough!

--Julianne Kolln

"I absolutely love this place. And Cally, the instructor, makes it all that much more worthwhile. She empowers us and helps us feel beautiful! We can be silly, vent about our lives, bring snacks, and just all around have fun. I love that about her classes: we can be ourselves with no standards or pressures to be anyone else . "
~Jenna Mason


"Attending pole classes with Cally has been a life changing experience for me. I found strength physically, mentally, and emotionally from being in this supportive space. Cally cultivates an amazing experience that makes everyone feel capable  and more confident after every class. I’ve also met so many amazing people from the studio and have a much better feeling of community in Olympia. I can’t recommend it enough! "
~Lizzy Shelden

"Started here last year and honestly my life has changed for the better. I'm so glad to have found this place. Super positive and supportive environment, with lots of good vibes. Cally the instructor is so good about making sure everyone is safe in class and finding modifications to moves if you have an injury as well! Such a great and fun place to be. Absolutely love this place and can't picture my life without these classes and the people I've met 🤗 "
~Jasmine Raub


"5 stars I was so extremely nervous to start pole dancing and had no idea what to expect. But Cally is an amazing instructor and friend. She makes the environment so inviting and friendly, no judgement whatsoever. I would totally recommend, 10/10.  If you're scared, don’t be because Cally is so helpful and really wants the best for everyone!"
~Jordan Midgett

"I started taking classes at Pole at Play about 4 months ago and it's been such an amazing experience. Cally is an amazing instructor who makes sure the space is welcoming to every person at every experience level. the workouts are fun and challenging and so rewarding. I've gained so much confidence in my every day life in just the few months I've been taking classes here. I see myself continuing to take classes for a very very long time."
~Lexi Shoblom

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