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Pole Parties

A pole party is a great way to celebrate. Whether it's a birthday, bachelorette party, graduation, or just for the fun of it, Pole at Play will help you throw an unforgettable party for you and your friends!

Get your friends together for a pole party-- a 2-hour private party in our spacious studio with 12 Lupit Pro Poles, a wall of full-length mirrors, and twinkly ambient lighting.

After a fun warm-up, you and your guests will learn the art of exotic pole dancing including:

  • How to strut in stripper heels

  • A variety of beginner friendly transitions, spins, floorwork and exotic pole moves 

  • full-length exotic pole dance routine!

Parties can be booked on any available Saturday between 1pm-11pm. 

Upgrade to a *Glow Pole Party and we'll light up your party with our blacklight stage lights, neon party decorations and provide you and your guests with UV reactive body paint and glowing party favors!

*Glow parties must be scheduled after dark. *


Our pole parties include:

  • 15 minutes to socialize, a 15-minute warm-up, 60 minutes of pole dance instruction, a 15-minute mid-party break, 15-minute photo op. 

  • Additional time may be added to your party for more photos, gifts, socializing, or getting ready for a night out on the town after your party-- $25 per 15 minutes.

  • In addition to the 120 minutes, you'll have 15 minutes to set up before party begins as well as 15 minutes to clean up after your party ends.


Additional Information:

  • You're welcome to bring snacks and refreshments for your party. See our policies below for more info.

  • Alcohol is permitted if everyone in your group is age 21+. No hard alcohol please. A $25 fee will be added to your party total to cover the cost of the permit.  

  • Refreshment table(s) with tablecloth(s) and ice bucket provided (ice not included)

  • Stripper heels and kneepads are strongly recommended. We have extra pairs available upon request. 

  • If you have a soundtrack in mind for your party, create a playlist on Spotify, share it with us and we will play it!


up to 11 guests
Additional guests $40 each
(22 guests max)

2-Hour (120 min) pole party includes:

      -How to strut in heels
      -Variety of transitions,           
       floorwork, spins, poses and
       exotic pole moves
      -Full length pole routine
      -10-15 minute mid party break
      -A swag bag for the hostess or         guest of honor

PLUS an additional 15 minutes before and after the party to set up and clean up! 



up to 11 guests
Additional guests $40 each
(22 guests max)

2 1/2-Hour (150 min) pole party includes all of the fun features of a regular pole party plus:

     -Black light stage lights
     -Glowing decorations
     -Glow body paints and party         
     -A swag bag of UV reactive gifts 
      for the hostess or guest of honor

PLUS an additional 15 minutes before and after the party to set up and clean up! 


Do you and your group

  • Plan on going out after your pole party and want to freshen up? 

  • Have a special toast planned or gifts to exchange?

  • Want additional photos of your party?

  • Would like more time to imbibe, socialize, or practice what you learned?

Then you may want to add some extra time to your party...

15 extra minutes


30 extra minutes


45 extra minutes


What to expect...

You can arrive up to 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to begin to set up-- decorate, lay out snacks/refreshments, etc. If you requested a table and/or an ice bucket for your party, we'll have it all set up for you (you just need to bring the ice). Please have the medical waivers completed, signed and collected to give to your instructor upon your arrival. Once all of your guests have arrived, you'll have 15 minutes to snack, catch up and settle in before the pole instruction portion of your party begins.


We will then start with a warm-up designed to get your muscles ready for the spinal articulations, hip swings, and chest rolls that exotic pole dancing is known for. 

Then it’s time to slip on the stilettos and start the fun! Your certified pole instructor will teach you:

  • How to strut in stripper heels. 

  • A variety of transitions and exotic pole moves. 

  • Off-the-pole floorwork moves that you can practice at home. 

  • A selection of beginner friendly pole spins.  

  • A full-length beginner friendly pole dance routine! 

We will wrap things up with a cool down of stretches followed by a group photo op! 

You will have 15 minutes after your scheduled party (with any add-on time included) to clean up, change clothes, pack up your belongings and clean up. l 


Common Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please take a moment to look over our policies below before booking a pole party.
Q: How do we schedule a pole party at Pole at Play?
A: To schedule a pole party, first email Pole at Play at with the date and time you are wanting to reserve. If that time slot is available, we will send you a confirmation email. Complete the Pole Party Request Form and return it to Pole at Play in the form of an attachment to the above email address within 5 days of confirming your date/time. You can download the Hostess Packet with instructions and Pole party info here.

Q: How much does a pole party cost?
A: A 2-hour pole party for 11 guests or less (including host/hostess) is $375. If you have more than 11 guests, each additional guest pays $40 each.

Q: Are we allowed to bring snacks, drinks, alcohol?
A: You sure can! But with a few exceptions— avoid messy, sticky or greasy foods, or dishes that have temperature requirements for safe consumption. F
ood and drinks are not permitted in the pole dance floor area. You can reserve a refreshment table/s free of charge on the Pole Party Request Form.
If you will be serving alcohol, everyone in your party must be 21+ and you must select the alcohol add-on on your pole party request form so that we are able to get the proper permit. A $25 fee will be added to your party total to cover the permit.
Drinks must not contain more than 15% ABV so NO hard alcohol please. Wine, champagne, hard seltzer, cider, beer, etc. are fine. Please don’t drink before your party. Any guests who arrive intoxicated will not be allowed to participate and will not be eligible for a refund. And please arrange for a designated driver or an Uber. Friends don't let friends drive drunk!

Q: Can we come early to set up and/or decorate for our party?
A: Absolutely! You can arrive up to 15 minutes early to set up for your party and you will have 15 minutes after your party ends to clean up. If you need more time, you can add time on to your party on the Pole Party Request Form.

Q: We’re going to be going out after our party. Can we get ready at the studio?
A: If getting ready involves applying makeup, styling hair, or any other potentially time consuming primping rituals, we ask that you purchase add-on time to your party at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes. We have a green room at the studio with awesome lighting for doing your makeup.

Q: I don’t own any stripper shoes and neither does anyone in my group. Can we wear regular heels instead?
A: Street shoes/heels are not permitted in the studio. Stripper heels are designed for pole dancing and have several unique features that you won’t find in other heels. We have loaner heels at the studio sizes 5-11 available for students to borrow. Simply check the “heels” box on your Pole Party Request Form and email 48 hours before your party begins to let us know how many of each size you will need. We cannot guarantee that we will have enough heels or the correct sizes for all of your guests but we’ll do our best to find something that will work. Stripper heels are not available in half sizes. If you are between sizes, size up.

Q: What’s the age limit?
A: 18-100+! Under 18 requires informed signed parental consent. Email for a parental consent waiver. If there will be alcohol at your party, guests must be 21+.

Q: Are men allowed?
A: Pole at Play is an inclusive space that welcomes anyone who has a genuine desire to learn the art of exotic pole dancing, regardless of gender identity. Exotic pole is a hyper-feminine style of dance and therefore tends to attract individuals whose gender identity falls somewhere along the femme end of the spectrum. But just as femmes can benefit from participating in activities that have traditionally been considered masculine (like kickboxing, MMA, or weight lifting) so can non-binary and masculine individuals benefit from exploring their feminine side via exotic pole dancing.

Q: We want our pole party to be a surprise for the guest of honor. How can we make this happen?
A: We love surprise parties! And we’re great at keeping secrets🤫. To arrange for your party to be a surprise, check the “surprise party” box on the Pole Party Request Form. We will email you to make all the arrangements!

Q: My aunt Fannie won’t participate? Can she just watch?
A: In order to maintain a non-judgmental space in which everyone feels comfortable letting their guard down, exploring movement and making mistakes, we ask that all attendees participate to the extent of their abilities. If physical limitations prevent you from safely attempting any moves, your instructor will provide modifications and/or alternatives. All attendees are considered paying attendees.

Q: Where do we park?
A: Street parking is free all day on Saturdays. You can also park in the lot behind the American Legion Building.

Q: Can we take photos?
A: Yes! If the other attendees are ok with it and it’s not disruptive, snap away. Your instructor is more than happy to take group photos at the end of the party as well. Just let her know! If you would like a lot of photos, you can add time to your party exclusively for photos on your Pole Party Request Form. If you post any of your party photos to social media, don’t forget to tag @poleatplay! (Video recording of instruction is not permitted.)

Q: Can we request certain songs/music/artists/genres for our party?
A: You sure can! We use Spotify for our classes and parties. Feel free to create a playlist and make it public and we will play it for your party. Create a free account here:

Q: Should we tip our instructor?
A: That’s entirely up to you. If you had a great time and want to show your instructor some extra love, gratuity is always appreciated. But it’s not required or expected.
Pole Party Request

Pole Parties are scheduled between 1pm and 11pm on Saturdays only. To find out if the date and time you wish to schedule your party is available, please fill out the form below. In the "Additional Info" field include any upgrades (Glow Pole Party) and/or time add-ons, click the arrow to submit and we'll get back to you within 2 business 

02:30 PM

Pole Party Policies


-A valid credit card number and a $100 non-refundable deposit must be provided to reserve your party date and time. Deposit will be applied toward your total party fee, the remainder of which is due no later than 24 hours before your party begins. An invoice will be sent to you 3 days before your party’s scheduled date. The balance can either be charged to the cc# on file or paid via PayPal or Venmo to @poleatplay. If the balance has not been paid by the deadline, the cc# on file will be charged the balance.


-To cancel or reschedule your party, please notify us at least 7 days before your scheduled party. Rescheduled party date/time is subject to availability. You must reschedule your party within 2 months of cancellation in order to apply your non-refundable deposit to secure your rescheduled party date/time. Parties rescheduled more than 2 months out forfeit the deposit. Cancellations and reschedule requests must be made via email to

Cancel at least 7 days prior to party date = No additional charges and you may use your $100 deposit to reschedule.

Cancel 6 days or less in advance (or no shows) = Your credit card will be charged the remaining balance of full party fee.


-All attendees are considered paying guests, regardless of their participation in the pole instruction


-Party rate includes 6 guests. There is a $35 fee ($45 for Glow Pole Parties) for each additional guest exceeding 6. Maximum number of party guests must not exceed 22 total. If the number of guests attending your party changes affecting your party rate, please contact us at least 4 days in advance to request an adjustment to your party’s guest total. If on the day of the party, you have more guests than the number indicated on your Pole Party Request Form, each additional guest will be charged the individual guest fee relative to your party upon their arrival at the studio before the party begins. No refunds for no shows.

-Due to the sensual nature of exotic pole dancing, all guests must be 18+ or have the informed signed consent of a parent or guardian. Please email at least 7 days prior to your party for a Parental Consent Form. If you will be consuming alcohol at your party, ALL guests must be 21+.


-All attendees must sign and complete a medical waiver before the party begins. Party Hostess must have waivers completed by and collected from each attendee to be given to the instructor upon arrival at the studio for the scheduled party.


-Please arrive on time for your party. Your party begins and ends at the time scheduled on your Pole Party Request Form. You may arrive up to 15 minutes before start time to set up and will be given 15 minutes after your party is scheduled to end to clean up. If you are more than 30 minutes late, your party is subject to cancellation, and you will not be eligible for a refund.


-If you would like to reserve additional time for your party, you may do so on your pole party request form at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes of additional time. If you need to add time to your party after submitting your request, please contact us at least 4 days before party date.


-Please clean up after your party otherwise a $50 cleaning fee will be charged to the cc# on file.


-While alcohol (No hard alcohol please) may be consumed in moderation at party, for safety reasons we ask that guests not arrive intoxicated. If a guest does appear to be intoxicated upon arrival, they will not be permitted to participate and will not be eligible for a refund.

-If you will be providing snacks/refreshments for your guests, please avoid greasy, heavy, or messy foods to ensure that everyone is able to effectively grip the pole. Cheese and crackers, veggie and fruit trays, chips and dips, cookies, granola bars, trail mix, and similar items are all good choices. Fried chicken, pizza, submarine sandwiches, and/or foods that must be kept hot are not.


-Refreshment tables and tablecloths will be provided upon request.



-Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and makes you feel sexy! For more info visit Stripper heels are the only shoes allowed in the studio.


-Arrive with clean skin, free of any lotions, oils or otherwise slippery products that could impede your ability to effectively grip the pole.


- Remove all rings, bracelets, jewelry and avoid wearing clothing/shoes that include rivets, studs, buckles, or other hardware that may damage the poles. If any poles are damaged during your party due to a guest not adhering to these policies, your party will be assessed a $100 fee per damaged pole.


-Respect your instructor’s role while she is teaching. Listen when the instructor is speaking to your group and please refrain from side talk or otherwise disruptive behavior during instruction as to ensure everyone’s safety.


-Please refrain from using cell phones during pole instruction. If you must take a call, please do so in the lobby area outside of the studio.


-Filming of instruction is not permitted but you are more than welcome to take photos and record videos of your pole party guests. Your instructor will be happy to take some group photos at the end of your party, so no one has to miss out on any of the instruction. If you post any photos to social media, please tag us @poleatplay!


-Please do not attempt any moves that involve supporting your body weight from your arms, inverting, or are executed above floor level until you have received proper instruction from your certified instructor.


-Please let your instructor know immediately in the event of an injury.

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